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Let me show you how to live in your gifts.


Hi Friend!

here’s a little about me

I’m a woman of faith who loves people, the outdoors + curry chicken. And I want to thank you for visiting my virtual home. I believe that you’re here because you’re in search of something special. Brightly Awake is a movement for individuals and organizations who desire holistic success. It’s frightening to walk away from the familiar but after leaving my home country with $206 and three suitcases to start a NEW life - the time to BE free is now!

You see - God wants to use what happen to you, for you. The insecurities, fears, doubts and even victories are tools we will use to make you whole, not perfect.


The Heart of Brightly Awake

I’ve spent most of my life striving for perfection. Seeking approval and validation led to me corners of confusion. A virgin in my 30s, people think that I am at a deficit but after being beautifully broken and undergoing healing myself, I became awake to my assignment.

And that assignment is to teach others how to reject the sound of insufficiency and become aware and awake in their relationships, faith, health and calling. As a certified life coach and pharmacist, I do believe that medication serves its purpose but the healing I’m called to deliver is UNORTHODOX.

Over the years, God has allowed me to meet women (and men) who are just existing. They’re beautiful, sort of happy, gifted but emotionally exhausted. And so Brightly Awake was birthed out of a need for rescue. I’ve spoken on various platforms and coached women all around the world and I’m doing so one hug and conversation at a time. So to experience the life we deserve mind, body + soul, we must become vulnerable and DO the work.  

Be encouraged.