Prior to working with Dr. Lorneka, I had a low self-esteem. I lived in fear and anger about my past. Dr. Lorneka shifted my way of thinking and how to handle my emotions especially as a single woman.
— Cindy (The Bahamas)

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A life coach is someone who helps individuals fulfill personal or professional goals. A life coach also empowers others through accountability, to become a better version of themselves. Through a strategic process, a life coach can help you identify blockages from succeeding in every area of your life.

So if you’re struggling with communicating effectively, identifying your gifts, healing from past hurts or you need growth spiritually but don’t know where to start, then it’s TIME to invest in a life coach.


I’m the life coach who will help you recognize the fears, behaviors and emotional decisions hindering you from shining. The break ups, soul ties, death, rejection, anxiety and the confusion. You’re tired of just looking good on instragram. So here’s how we can work together.

I work with clients in three ways: in-person, via phone or Zoom. So wherever you are, I’m ready to serve you. If you’re interested in working with me, I’d love for you to book a 15-min consultation (U.S and International clients accepted).

I enjoyed working with Dr. Lorneka. As a wife, I no longer want to live in the dark concerning my finances. Her recommendations made me aware of my spending habits. Thanks for praying with me!
— Dr. Tamara (Arkansas)


You will learn how to set boundaries, renew your mind and tools to activate your faith.


  • Six (1-hour) session-program conducted via Zoom or phone for 3 months

  • Bi-monthly program designed to identify fear, masks of rejection and pain points

  • You will be given assignments for review and discussion


If you're constantly making emotional decisions regarding your relationships, finances, faith and future, this program is for you.

INVESTMENT: $4,500 | Payment option: two installments of $2,250

  • Twelve (1-hour) session program conducted via Zoom or phone

  • Month 1: Focus on Spirituality + Belief system

  • Month 2: Focus on Relationships

  • Month 3: Focus on your Calling or Career (gifts/talents)

  • You will receive an assignment twice a month + customized affirmations

  • We will discuss your assignments during our sessions

  • We will design an action plan that will help you manage your emotions & energize your body


Identify personal challenges hindering your greatness + create new habits that will lead to wholeness

INVESTMENT: $10,000 | Payment option: two installments of $5,000

  • Invite me to travel to your city or country for two days (30 minute-break)

  • A questionnaire that must be submitted prior to your scheduled in-person session.

  • We will work together in a private location & download what’s hindering your success

  • We will identify any fears, worries and pain-points which will lead to inner healing & breakthrough.

  • Design (re-design) a plan that restores confidence & teaches you stress management which leads to wholeness, not perfection

  • This experience includes 2 follow-up sessions via Zoom or phone call.

  • You will receive a customized affirmations