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You can’t change your fruits until you let God heal your roots

my story

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a misfit. I didn’t believe who God called me to be until I lost a few things that held me together. As a little girl, I was pretty but too loud. I was smart but not smart enough to be in the clique. I was sensitive but too bold when it came to speaking out against injustice. So while it seemed as if I was everything to those around me, I still felt inadequate. And the inadequacies found me swimming in cycles of rejection, fear and shame.

And as a sweet Catholic girl at the time, my job was to do right, speak right and never question authority. Well, I had enough of pleasing others, walking on eggshells and going with the flow for peace sake. I was functioning but mentally asleep. I became an addict to people’s agendas and playing small.

I did what “they” wanted me to do. But I was afraid to really search my soul. So after moving away from places I called home, I realized that God called me to be peculiar and preserved. And ever since I woke up, my life hasn’t been the same. I no longer go with the flow because I AM enough and believing this - is total wellness.

  • When I’m not working, you can find me home watching episodes of Golden Girls, The Good Doctor or Seinfeld.

  • People often refer to me as a counselor or mind reader LOL | I’m passionate about women, shoes, tea and relationships.

  • After a really bad break up in college and losing 7 Ibs in a few days, the necessary healing led me to publish my first book for women-in-waiting.

  • As a teenager, happiness meant marriage + a great career. Well, I’m in my 30s, single for now but happier than ever.

  • Rejected by my father and ready to marry my ex, I almost sabotaged my future. To find out what he did and how I healed, click here https://bit.ly/2yuPA3k

  • So when I’m not coaching or speaking, I’m on the beach relaxing with family/friends. And I love swimming!


  • Certified life + wellness coach to women | Graduate of Florida A & M University with a doctorate in pharmacy

  • Completely (no seriously) surprised in 2016 when I was inducted in Miami Dade College Alumni Hall of Fame

  • Director of personal development for 2018 Miss Bahamas Universe | Benefactor of the Dr. Lorneka PSA award for Miss Teen Bahamas Scholar program

  • As an author, I’ve published articles in Women Own Excellence magazine and graced the cover of Purpose Driven Women magazine.

  • It gives me great joy to serve young + seasoned women around the world.  

  • I’ve been called to coach people like you until you wake up + shine personally and professionally. Your dreams and voice is just as important as the people you place above yourself. So, are you ready to join me?